Shogun Studio 2
  • 3RU 멀티 채널 Recorder / Player / HD : 최대 8ch 녹화/재생 가능 / UHD/4K : 2ch 녹화/재생 가능 / 듀얼 7인치 모니터 (밝기 : 3000 cd/m2) / 멀티채널 녹화시 모니터 1개에서 4채널 모니터링 가능
  • SDI(1.5G, 3G, 6G, 12G) /HDMI(v2.0) 입출력 지원 / XLR Analog Stereo Audio (2ch) 입출력 지원 / Genlock , LTC I/O Dual Power supply
  • 지원 코덱 : ProRes, ProRes Raw, DNxHR, Adobe CDNG, 4K_60p HDR (HLG, PQ, AtomHDR) 지원 / Waveform/Vector Scope/Histogram 등 모니터링을 위한 Tool 포함 / 모니터 Calibration 가능
  • 주요 용도 : 방송 스튜디오용 멀티 채널 레코더-모니터 / 관공서/종교단체 : 멀티채널 레코더-모니터


HDR dual monitor and 8-channel HDp60 / 2-channel 4Kp60 rackmount recorder

The flexible new Shogun Studio 2 takes state of the art Atomos multi-channel recording technology and combines it with two premium 7” HDR 3000nit* high bright touchscreen displays, all in a single 3RU unit. Its unique combination of features makes it perfect for live events, outside broadcast vehicles, production galleries and MCRs, post production facilities, video wall playout, on-set DITs and sports officiating. Connect to practically any SDI or HDMI source including camera channels, PTZ cameras and vision mixers.


Record multiple formats

The Shogun Studio 2 records either two channels of 4Kp60, or up to eight HDp60 sources in industry standard Apple ProRes, ProRes RAW and AVID DNx codecs. Free your workflow from the constraints of highly compressed GOP based codecs and their associated artifacts. Replace them with clean images captured direct from the sensors of your camera channels using modern Intra-frame codecs.


Advanced record modes

The Shogun Studio 2 offers Pre Roll recording with a 8 second cache in HD, or 2-3 seconds in 4K, to make sure you never miss the action. It also offers Multi Camera ISO recording and Switching of up to 8 SDI inputs from cameras at up to 1080 p60. Each bank of 4 inputs also benefits from a switched output allowing you to have two video switched.


Shogun Studio 2 Rear View

Master your rack

The Shogun Studio 2 only takes 3RU of space and has a short rack depth making it perfect for use in monitor bridges or in small mobile broadcast vehicles. Redundant dual power supplies balance the power load. The rear of the Shogun Studio 2 provides grouped connectivity for each of the recorder channels with 12G, 6G, 3G (single, Dual, Quad) and 1.5B SDI I/O, HDMI with support for both the inputs and outputs, plus XLR audio I/O, Genlock and LTC input and loop through.

Shogun Studio 2 Front

Class leading screen technology

The dual 7” screens of the Shogun Studio 2 have advanced dynamic zoned backlighting for deeper blacks and brighter whites, while retaining every detail in the highlights. See what the camera channel is capturing with unparalleled precision and use the advanced HDR tools for Log or RAW to ensure perfect exposure, colour and white balance.