Vinten HD-VRC
  • Control SystemThe Vinten HD-VRC Control System provides multi-user, multi-facility control of Vinten and selected 3rd party robotics.
  • The HD-VRC enables highly accurate positioning of the camera, and provides shot storage of all axis in an easy one-touch operation. For supported cameras, shading settings may also be saved with the stored shot for recall. Ease of use is complemented by p
  • The flexible, standards compliant Ethernet network architecture of the HD-VRC allows users to increase both production efficiency and output. The Windows based touchscreen user interface allows a single controller to be configured to control multiple devi
  • A range of joystick control panels are available to match the requirements of the user, offering optional pedestal controls (X/Y/Z) and camera shading controls as well as preferred positioning of the focus control. Video switcher and tally interfaces prov
  • The Vinten HD-VRC sits at the heart of Vinten robotic solutions, helping you to control fresh perspectives that support your production’s distinct identity.
Key Features and Benefits
• Take control
  - Shot storage of all axis in one-touch operation
• Create your signature
  - Create developed, curved signature moves
• Build efficiency
  - Control any studio from any control room
• Integrate your workflow
  - Interface to third party devices and automation playout systems
VRC Panel Options
- With/without CCU
- Single and dual joystick control
- Left or right focus control


Part NumberV4063-0003
No. of Controlled Devices Per OperatorUp to 32 devices
No. of Controlled Devices Per StudioMore than 32 devices per EPI
No. of Controllers per Network8
No. of Shots stored64,000
Input DevicesTFT touchscreen, VRC Control Panel, Automation interface
Signal inputs (HDVRC only)Composite, SD/HD – 1080i, SDI – 720p
VRC-SJP focus LHSV3976-0013
VRC-DJP focus LHS V3976-0014

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