• Powerful support for superior productionsVinten’s heavy payload robotic heads are designed to ensure that larger camera/lens/prompter packages don’t limit your production values.
  • The FHR-155 robotic only head combines sophisticated software and mechanical engineering to deliver exceptionally accurate and smooth movement. Operators can have total confidence in the head’s capabilities as the system will deliver remarkable control an
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality options including integrated StarTrackerA VR variant of the FHR-155 head delivers data in 22 bit accuracy to ensure precise rendering by the Virtual Reality engine. Where floor movement is required an optional StarTracker optical
  • Deliver high quality output - Smooth camera and lens motion control; near silent when movingCreate the production you choose - Versatile design with VR/AR and integrated StarTracker optionsEnsure consistent production values - High repeatability and ac
Physical Data
Part number V4155-1011
Max. payload 70 kg (155 lb)
Cradle Standard
Height 490 mm (19.3 in)
Length 436 mm (17.2 in)
Width 235 mm (9.3 in)
Weight 22.5 kg (50 lb)
Rated load inertia 7.5 kg m2 (178 lb ft2)
Operating Data
Temperature range, IP +5°C to +40°C (+41°F to +104°F), IP40  non-condensing
Motor noise 41dBA @ Max speed
Tilt range ±50°(payload dependent)
Pan range 359°
Angular velocity (min) 0.05°/s
Angular velocity (max) 60°/s
Angular acceleration (typical) 60°/s2
Angular acceleration (peak) 120°/s2
Shot Recall Repeatability ±60 arcseconds
System Resolution / Accuracy 22 Bit, >0.01˚ *where fitted
Manual control No
Drag No
Lens control Full-servo Canon and Fujinon lenses
Network IP Ethernet, RJ45
Genlock Black burst/tri-level, Micro BNC
Aux port 26 pin (configurable)
VR tracking data output Option, Ethernet UDP or Serial RS232/422
Electrical Data
Power consumption 175W
Power input Autoranging 100–240V AC, 50/60 Hz


V4155-0011 - FHR-155 Head
70 kg (155 lb) payload robotic only head, integrated PSU, 3 port Ethernet hub, LANC port and lens drive for full servo digital Canon and Fujinon lenses. Includes pan bar mount, two Vision pan bars, 3 m ethernet and power cables.
Optional Variants
V4155-0012 - FHR-155 Head with integrated StarTracker
V4155-0013 - FHR-155 VR Head with ultra-high accuracy 22 bit encoder
V4155-0014 - FHR-155 VR Head with integrated StarTracker

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